Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How to run an AppImage on Linux?

AppImage must be made executable before running either through right clicking 'properties' or via command line with 'chmod +x CodeCast+Studio.AppImage'.

How many people can view your stream at one time?

At this time, we support 200+ people for live streaming Casts. There is currently no viewer limit for previously recorded Casts.

Do the people I share my Casts with need to have a CodeCast account?

No. Anyone is able to view your Casts with the shareable link that is provided to you when you start casting. After you finish casting, any recordings you make are able to be shared depending on your privacy settings.

Once I end the Cast, are people still able to copy and edit the code I was sharing?

Once the live streaming ends, the Cast automatically becomes a recording. As long as users have permission to access the Casts, they will be able to rewatch the recording and browse the shared code. If you want to stop people from accessing your recordings, you can adjust the Cast’s permissions.

Does CodeCast work on mobile devices?

The Player works on the latest modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge) on mobile devices. However, the CodeCast Studio app currently only works on Mac & Windows desktops. Linux is coming soon!

How do I update CodeCast studio?

When we release an update, it will prompt you to update the Studio app.

Do I need to download CodeCast in order to use it?

Yes. Downloading the CodeCast Studio to your computer gives you the ability to share your code live from the directory of your choice, while working in your preferred code editor.

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