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We have two pieces of software specifically designed for both learners and content producers that interplay between both groups for a more impactful and seamless experience.

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Experience Real-Time Changes

Learners can watch the video content while copying the code in order to follow along.

CodeCast synchronizes the live video with changes made to projects in real-time and formats the project in an editor-like web interface which is optimized for learning.

Build & Stream

CodeCast Studio allows skilled developers to create, live-stream, publish and monetize training materials without changing their workflow or having to learn complex streaming or editing software.

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How CodeCast works󰁔

Code Syncing

CodeCast Studio captures changes from the file system directly, so you can use any code editor you prefer.

Video Streaming

Share your screen or webcam while streaming to create an immersive experience.

Live Sessions

CodeCast Studio allows you to host workshops and live coding sessions quickly with a single click.


CodeCast saved your live sessions as recordings, which you can manage and share later.

Access Control

Whether you want to share the cast on the internet or with a specific group, easily manage your cast’s permissions.

Live Chat

Communicate with your audience during a live session to provide a more interactive experience.


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CodeCast is more than just watching coders live steam. You’ll become a part of a community of learners who engage and interact to help each other understand the material.