What Sets CodeCast Apart

What Sets CodeCast Apart

CodeCast was born from the need for a place specifically dedicated for programmers and developers, to flourish. This meant building a space where learners could engage with the material instead of simply viewing videos or taking online courses with pre-recorded content, and content creators could build their community while monetizing their work. Aside from ensuring we have quality content, desirable features, and personable casters, our main focus is community. It’s important to us that everyone who interacts with CodeCast understands that they are a part of a supportive community that is here to ensure you succeed whether you’re learning or instructing others.

Our Unique Features  

For Creators

Creators can share their code in real-time while growing their audience and promoting and monetizing their work. Viewers can explore your projects in real-time as they evolve, as well as copy the code to run themselves. Once a live session is finished, the full recorded session is available to replay and review. CodeCast will help promote, expand, and monetize your skills and abilities when it comes to coding.

For Learners

By joining the CodeCast community, you have access to a vast assortment of content to learn from and the ability to attend live events, copy coding projects, and have direct communication with a team of casters who are eager to assist you and help you attain your goals. This collaborative app is made up of a community of professional and experienced developers who interact and collaborate with the viewers to ensure the learning experience really sticks. Learners also have the opportunity to transition their learned skills into becoming a caster on CodeCast and have the ability to monetize their work. 

CodeCast invites its community members to get involved with the brand. We offer opportunities for guest bloggers to contribute to our popular blog and promote themselves and their upcoming casts. We also encourage our casters to host events, develop workshops and find new and creative ways to build their following on CodeCast. We want our members to grow and succeed and we continue to build new and innovative opportunities for them to enhance their skills and expand their reach. 

The incredible team at CodeCast is consistently working to add new and exciting tools to our lineup of desirable features. Where does our inspiration come from you may ask? When further developing our platform, we take into consideration what assets would make the life of professional programmers easier, as well as a more relaxed and less intimidating approach to code for our learners. 

Our mission at CodeCast is to implement and introduce a new form of developer media for the purpose of creating a more seamless experience for both casters and learners. We aim to be the number one resource for those who want to pursue a career or a passion project in the world of coding, and space for casters to grow and expand their community in a meaningful way while monetizing their projects. 

We are so excited for the future of CodeCast and are even more thrilled about having our members get involved and participate in its development. 

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