Web3 Education Meets NFTs

Web3 Education Meets NFTs

Interested in learning Web3? It’s a booming topic that has garnished a ton of interest in the last year. Most people have heard of NFTs, even if they aren’t sure what exactly they are. One of our core creators, Amy Oulton, recently published an article highlighting some of the common terminologies in Web3.

We announced our project and our latest collection, Boos! recently. While the Boos! are adorable ghosts that we love assigning personalities to, our goal behind creating these NFTs is twofold — to build a community of people interested in Web3, and to share exclusive educational content with the holders of our NFTs.

Investing in a Boos! NFT gives you access to exclusive channels within our Discord Server, which provide you with:

  • ongoing direct access to the core team and developers behind Boos!
  • tutorials and educational content created by the lead developer of Boos!
  • exclusive giveaways and first chances at being whitelisted for upcoming collections

The Boos! collection minted 500 NFTs on Monday, and we’ve been loving the response from the community so far.

If you’re interested in joining the Boos! community and getting a ghost for yourself, they’re currently on the Polygon network for 0.01 ETH/Polygon! You can purchase them on OpenSea!

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