Introducing Codewranglrz 🤠

Introducing Codewranglrz 🤠

We at CodeCast are thrilled to announce our new exploratory project, Codewranglrz. Anyone in the development world right now is very aware of how large the buzz around web3 is. It’s seemingly impossible to log onto social media without seeing talks of cryptocurrency, blockchains, or NFTs. As a team, we are extremely passionate about anyone being able to learn development. We strive to stay updated with what people are interested in learning and quickly realized that this space has a lot of information.

Wrapping your brain around web3 is no small undertaking. As we dove into learning, we decided we needed to directly insert ourselves into the NFT world. We believe strongly in “learning by doing”, so we decided that’s exactly what we were going to do.

Thus, Codewranglrz came to be. As a team, we began learning different aspects of creating an NFT collection. From generating unique ideas, to writing Solidity contracts, to building a community - we’ve tried to tackle it all.

While Codewranglrz is a result of our own learning experience, it also aims to sit in the web3 space as a way for everyone else to learn. We began by creating CodeBadges, an NFT collection of 100 virtual laptop stickers.

Some NFTs from our CodeBadges collection.

After releasing this trial collection, we quickly discovered how giant this space actually is and how easy it is to get lost in the void. This collection served as a ticket into the web3 world but ultimately provided us with a lot of information on what not to do. While the sticker collection remains close to our heart as our first venture, we decided to move to a different collection to expand our abilities, and test our newfound knowledge.

This brings us to our brand new collection of 10,000 ghost NFTs, which we adorably named Boos!. The goal of this collection was to make our NFTs more valuable to our community by finally doing something with what we’ve been learning. Through this collection, we will be revealing its connection to educational material, while we continue learning everything we can. It also doesn't hurt that they're adorable to look at. 

Meet Hex.

In the upcoming days, we’ll be releasing information about the collection that includes:

  • our decision to work on the polygon blockchain
  • how we added utility to our tokens that work for our CodeCast audience
  • tutorials and learning material surrounding web3  
  • information about the official launch of our Boos! collection

We have lots of exciting announcements coming up, so be sure to follow CodeCast and Codewranglrz on social media to stay updated!

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