Introduction To CodeCast

Introduction To CodeCast

Over the last few years (2020 especially), we have seen the peek of people using platforms like Youtube, Skillshare, Coursera, and other viewing channels to be entertained and feed their appetite for learning new skills. Within the last 10 months, some of these learning sites saw an increase of users of 700% which further fueled the fire and demonstrated the need and the immediate demand for more e-learning. These viewing platforms, however, are set up to be a one-way street for viewers as they are not able to directly participate. This does not allow for an immersive or interactive experience, nor is it positively contributing to the feeling of isolation that we’re all facing in today’s current climate. When considering the model of e-learning platforms, CodeCast recognized the importance of including a social aspect of online learning by creating a space for people to connect with the material and align with groups based on the shared goal of learning or enhancing their coding skills. From the beginning, CodeCast wanted to be more than just a platform for viewers to watch coders live-steam. Our mission was and is for each member to become and feel a part of a community of learners who engage and interact to help each other learn and understand how to code, as well as other relevant material.

The Benefits of Community Learning 

There are countless well-researched bodies of knowledge surrounding ‘learning communities’, which discuss and review the extreme and irreplaceable benefits of group learning. It has been proven that learning amongst a community, even when it takes place from behind a computer, has a lasting impact as well as creates collective purpose amongst the group. We view learning communities as a critical part of one’s educational journey as it builds and sustains motivation and teaches analytical thinking skills. Learning with people amongst a community holds individuals accountable in keeping up with the material and therefore they are more disciplined and persistent with understanding and applying the knowledge. It is in these communities that enable participants to not only improve on a daily basis and achieve strong end results but also feel a deep sense of purpose by assisting one another. Finally, community learning often has group members considering ‘success’ as team progress where everyone is succeeding, not simply based on their own achievements.

Built on Innovation

CodeCast was built by developers — for developers, meaning each feature on this platform was made and designed specifically for both seasoned programmers and those just learning code (or enhancing their existing skills). As the platform and the community grow, CodeCast vows to its members that all tools and features will continue to adapt and evolve with the user's needs and promise to stay ahead of the game and top of mind when it comes to interactive e-learning.

 Some of the features found within CodeCast include; 

  • The ability to join live sessions with your peers or other experienced developers
  • Play, pause and rewind a cast
  • Join live coding workshops remotely at the comfort of your home
  • Code Syncing - CodeCast Studio captures changes from the file system directly, so you can use any code editor you prefer
  • Share your screen or webcam while streaming to create an immersive experience.
  • Live Sessions - CodeCast Studio allows you to host workshops and live coding sessions quickly with a single click.
  • CodeCast saved your live sessions as recordings, which you can manage and share later.
  • Whether you want to share the cast on the internet or with a specific group, easily manage your cast’s permissions.
  • Live chat and communicate with your audience during a live session to provide a more interactive experience.

& more and exciting features can be found throughout the platform.

CodeCast is determined to become the face of interactive community e-learning through continuing to create and distribute desirable coding-based workshops, live casts, and recordings taught by passionate content creators. This company and its team are dedicated to the progression and success of their community and are excited for the reveal of their upgraded and completely updated platform in 2021.

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