How CodeCast is Breaking Through The Struggles of E-Learning

How CodeCast is Breaking Through The Struggles of E-Learning

We are currently living in the golden era of online learning. Whether you are picking up a new skill such as teaching yourself a foreign language, learning to play an instrument, or taking a credited course all from the comfort of your own home, the convenience of e-learning has undeniably changed how and where people want to become educated. There are a plethora of reasons why e-learning has paired so well with higher education today. The opportunities for those who may have had limited access to attending school have completely shifted as now this group, along with educators who can now develop and offer quality courses, have the ability to do so. To top it off, The virtual classroom is accessible 24/7 and there is no shortage of online resources for e-learning for those of any age. This includes websites and platforms such as Youtube, Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy, Lynda, Masterclass, and let's not forget about apps like Duolingo, Khan Academy, and Udacity. So, although the current digital landscape had made it as easy as humanly possible to practically get a Ph.D. from your couch, why has it been reported that there are so many struggling still with online learning?

CodeCast is Breaking Through The Struggles of E-Learning

‘At Any Time, At Any Pace’ is a major appeal of e-learning as one can create their own schedule and learn the material in a way that’s right for them. But with learning at your preferred rate comes high levels of procrastination. When building our platform, CodeCast recognized that staying fully accountable to yourself is much easier said than done. We knew the idea of learning in a team-like environment would help participants not only stay accountable to themselves, but to their teachers and the people they are learning with. Lack of creativity has been known to effect solo learners. During the covid19 pandemic, there have been various articles written that discuss how remote learning restricts children creativity, but is the same true for adults? Creativity is the ability to invent, imagine and envision unique solutions to problems, and collaboration has been known to enhance the use of this muscle in our brains. When learning through CodeCast, you will be interacting with a team and the caster, so you will instantly become familiar with the benefits to having a collaborative environment when learning a new skill. Another issue that is commonly found within people learning on their own is not being exposed to how others learn and digest information. For instance, in a classroom setting you are able to hear other people ask questions or provide answers you otherwise might not have thought of which results in expanding your own learning process.

The importance of social interaction as it relates to learning is a big discussion in our current digital climate. The positive effects social engagement has on the brain when introducing new knowledge is so big great it’s unquantifiable. CodeCast understands and grasps that social engagement is a crucial component to effective online learning and that real-time interactions between students and teachers are transforming the digital learning space. CodeCast has witnessed the monumental difference between submitting assignments in a traditional online learning setting versus truly participating in the work. By being able to copy the code, practice, and get feedback in real-time, participants are demonstrating instant and actionable learning. Because we are seeing a lot more people work from home these days and therefore spending even less them with friends, family, peers, or colleagues, CodeCast saw the need for more human connection within e-learning, so we turned isolating times into shared experiences with these person-to-person interactions.

CodeCast - Community Based Learning

Unlike Youtube and other online learning and viewing platforms, CodeCast wanted their viewers and learners to truly be able to interact and engage with our industry leaders for a more impactful learning experience, as opposed to simply viewing or leaving likes and comments. The CodeCast platform is designed to have live interactions between the caster and those in attendance in order to be as helpful as possible, and this format encourages each learner to be accountable to their own success while simultaneously experiencing the feeling of thriving in an encouraging and inspirational environment. Our experienced lineup of content creators are constantly continuing to find new and innovative ways of supporting their learners, and are determined to make sure they grasp the material and are successful in their future coding endeavours.  

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