Codewars, Python Challenges & Web Security: Top 3 Tutorials of the Week 💻

Codewars, Python Challenges & Web Security: Top 3 Tutorials of the Week 💻

Happy Friday 😌

Every week we go through the new tutorials made by our community and find three videos we think you would love. As always, our creators have been busy creating incredible content, and this week we're featuring videos on Python & JavaScript.

Codewars: You're A Square (JavaScript)

Codewars is a coding challenge site designed to get users to "achieve mastery through challenge".

In this video, Amy Oulton tackles the "You're A Square" challenge in JavaScript. This isn't the first Kata (what they call their challenges) that she has tackled in JavaScript! She has also created tutorials on the Vowel Count, Grasshopper, and Simple Pig Latin challenges!

Dancing Darth

Amy has created over 80 tutorials on CodeCast on topics like JavaScript, CSS, Elixir & Figma so be sure to follow her and check out her content.

Web Security with Python: Dictionary Attack

Jesus Villa is a security engineer with a passion for what he does. He creates tutorials showing how simple it is for someone to exploit weaknesses in a website, and then shows you how to secure it!

In this tutorial, he focuses on something called a dictionary attack, which is essentially where people hack your password by entering systematically trying every word in a dictionary.

Jesus has an entire series on Web Security with Python for free on CodeCast, so it's definitely worth checking out if this is something you're interested in!

Python Challenges: Get The Middle Character

Maria Villa loves Python and regularly creates tutorials on coding challenges!

In this tutorial, she tackles the simple problem of returning the middle character of a given string.

Coding challenges are a fantastic way to increase your skills and practice what you're learned!

CodeCast has tons of different tutorials on popular topics like JavaScript, Python, Elixir, React, and more! Plus, you get the code AND the video in a single player! 😌 Be sure to sign up for an account (completely free) to get the most out of our tutorials!

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