Creating a Space for Developers
to Learn, Engage & Code Interactively.

CodeCast is a platform to stream and record coding projects with our Player that engages your audience. Cast from any editor.

For Creators

Share your code in real-time while connecting and growing your community. With our screen sharing software, viewers can explore your projects in real-time as they evolve, as well as copy the code to run themselves. Once a live session is finished, the full recorded session is available to replay and review. CodeCast will help promote, expand, and monetize your skills and abilities when it comes to coding.

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For Learners

CodeCast is an interactive platform built to help you learn to code, or improve your existing skills.

This collaborative app is made up of a community of professional and experienced developers who interact and collaborate with the viewers to ensure the learning experience really sticks. Follow along with sessions in real-time through our customized viewing options. At CodeCast, you will get a deeper understanding of the learning material while making supportive relationships with peers.

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I joined CodeCast a year ago when I was struggling to find work. I ended up getting a job at a tech start-up thanks to the skills I learned at CodeCast! I still am part of the community and love all the content creators.

Kyle Ochoa

Kyle Ochoa


I am so excited to announce that my tech blog has over 5x as many visitors as it did last month! My community on CodeCast has blown up my other accounts! I have begun making money from my blog all thanks to CodeCast.

Bradley Smythe

Bradley Smythe

Tech Blogger

Hear From Our Community

I previously used zoom & youtube to post my videos, but I have officially migrated to CodeCast & I’m so impressed with how up to date their technology is! This platform is now my #1 choice for sharing and recording live footage.

Kasey Burt

Kasey Burt


I found a community of helpful and encouraging people that made learning code fun and interesting! Being able to follow along with each session in real-time and see exactly what each developer was doing is my new preferred learning style.

Taelyn Dickens

Taelyn Dickens

New Caster

Who We Are

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Bringing Developers Together, to Teach and Learn.

Share Your Code in Real-Time

Point CodeCast Studio to any project folder to share the whole directory tree in real-time.

Stream & Record Your Screen

Your Screenshare & Webcam are synced with code changes.

Developer-first Experience

Viewers can explore your project tree & customize viewing options.

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CodeCast is more than just watching coders live steam. You’ll become a part of a community of learners who engage and interact to help each other understand the material.